the ODIN DIY CRISPR Kit | A Review


The ODIN DIY CRISPR Kit is one product that molecular biology and gene engineering amateurs and experts would want to get their hands on. This kit is heaven-sent¬†for those who are curious about the whole CRISPR thing. The revolutionary genetic engineering biohacking technique is now in a handy tabletop laboratory kit with everything you need to make precision genome bacteria editing at home. It includes Cas9, tracrRNA, crRNA, and Template DNA template for an example experiment, plus all the chemicals and enzymes you’ll need to reprogram bacterial DNA.

Capable of letting you run the experiment five times, the kit also includes a pipette and tips, 14 Petri dishes, powdered agar, and agar-strep medium, and specific step-by-step instructions. There is also an accessible online protocol guide that will walk you through the whole CRISPR process.

Follow ODIN DIY CRISPR Kit instructions

The actual experiment will be easy enough and if you do the steps the right way and in the right order, you should be successful. You have to wait for the bacteria to culture, incubate for 30 minutes after the modification, then reculture on the streptomycin-infused plates which will take about 48 hours. If you get stumped and can’t get the experiment to work, the guys from The Odin will only be too glad to help.

One amateur scientist who got to get his hands on the CRISPR kit was not lucky enough to hack the DNA in his kit, or so he thinks. According to him, his DNA tube accidentally got frozen solid which could be the reason why two of his three experiments has gone awry.

Safe to be tried at home

If you are wondering about safety, it’s hard to say if anything is totally safe. According to a team of experimenters, nothing sent to them in the box was a controlled substance. The bacterial strain E. coli HME63 in the kit is classified as Biosafety level 1, which means it does not cause sickness in humans. The Agar, which is a gel-like substance that comes from seaweed and also known as the nutrient jello, is used in Asian cooking as well as for treating diabetes and constipation. To be on the safe side, you can always wear protective gloves included in the kit and clean your workspace before and after the experiment.

The genome of the E. coli bacteria that you will engineer in this kit is over 4 million DNA bases in size and CRISPR will single out the one that needs to be mutated. This mutation will cause an amino acid change in the ribosomal sub-unit proteins that are being made. It will require you ~10 hours of work over the course of at least 2 days and can be completed in a weekend if you prepare fresh bacterial cultures on a Friday night. This gene editing DIY bacteria kit costs $159 and you can also buy spare parts such as the bacterial transformational kit, the CRISPR refill/classroom kit, and more.

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