best gifts for biotech students

Best Gifts for Biotech Students | Simple Ideas

Searching for the Best Gifts for Biotech Students? If a member of your family or friends are biotech students, chances are, they miss out on their social lives like most Science and medical students. However, they need to be remembered on their special day or on holidays too. This list contains five of the best gifts for biotech students, so you don’t have to think as hard as they do.

1. The DNA Ceramic Mug | best gifts for the biotech students

best gifts for biotech students

Like most students, your biotech expert probably stays up all night studying about genetics, anatomy and physiology, ecology, and evolution. Know what’s great about a ceramic mug? It doesn’t care if you pour boiling hot liquid in it. It won’t break as glass do!

This cool DNA mug will keep biotech students company while they study. Coffee? Tea? Milk? Juice? It’s a great gift for any occasion. It is also perfect for holding your student’s pens and whatnot making it one of the best gifts for biotech students.

The design on this mug is simple and professionally printed making it suitable for any biotech professional, young or old. Besides, taking care of this mug is a cinch, as it can be used in the dishwasher or microwave. Let’s drink to that!

2. The Biotech Consultant T Shirt | best gifts for biotech students

best gifts for biotech students

Biotech students are just like any normal student who also want to have fun. Underneath that intelligent looking facade is a human being who has a sense of humor waiting to be tickled. This Biotech Consultant T-Shirt is perfect for getting them out of the house and join a Halloween party or any party for that matter.

This shirt is made from 100% cotton material and the cool graphics don’t fade or crack even with constant washing. It is pre-shrunk and most importantly, while everything else seems to be made from the eastern hemisphere nowadays, it’s made in the USA.

3. The 3D Printed Helix | Best gifts for biotech students

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Do you know what a biotech student enjoys doing other than staring at nothing? Staring at a double helix! By this time, you would have been familiar with the structure of DNA which they call a double helix. It does seem to look like a twisted staircase, don’t you agree?

This 3D-Printed DNA model is a perfect gift for science and biotech students. It looks great on the study table, on the shelf, and could even act as an occasional paperweight. It is made of high-quality polylactic acid(PLA) plastic so dropping it on the ground is not an issue. It’s approximately 5 inches high and comes in black. Perfect for him and for her.

4. The DNA Science Notebook | best gifts for biotech students

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No, we’re not talking about the book written by Nicholas Sparks. This one doesn’t have any words in it yet. Do you know that according to Science, it’s easier to remember and organize information when you write them down? Hence, the notebook. This charming helix-designed notebook is a must-have for any biotech or science major. It’s great for school-related notes, dream-related notes, and whatever-related notes. The important thing is, it is ready for their notes and help them stay on track.

This Science notebook measures 8.5 x 11 inches and has blank pages on the left to draw and lined pages on the right to write notes. It has 110 pages of white paper in it. Surely one of the best gifts for biotech students.

5. The DNA Ornament | best gifts for biotech students

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This 3-D rendition of the DNA helix will represent your biotech loved one well. It’s a great decoration for the window, the holiday tree, and can even act as bag bling. The ornament is approximately 4.25 inches in height and 1.25 inches in diameter and is cast in a metal alloy. It has the perfect orientation of the helix too. It’s small enough not to be a nuisance but big enough to be noticed.

This well-made 3-D ornament looks delicate but is sturdy. It comes in a kraft gift box with a blank card so you don’t have to worry about its packaging. All you have to do is write something nice and it’s good to go.

6. The Microscope | best gifts for biotech students

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Make sure your biotech student puts everything under scrutiny with this USB microscope. It works well enough to use professionally but is inexpensive enough to have fun without worry. It’s straightforward, easy to use, and works well with any Android phone simply by installing the “CameraFi” app. Mac users can also use “Photo Booth” to use this microscope directly or the software “Quick Camera” which can work on this microscope too. For Chrome OS, the microscope can be used with the default Camera app that comes with Chrome. It’s also compatible for Linux and Windows.

This microscope has both a USB and Mini USB cable so its pretty flexible for use. Someday, when they get to work with high-tech microscopes, they will always remember their first microscope and that wonderful person who sent it with love.

Conclusion For Biotech Student Gift Ideas

Gift giving is a wonderful gesture but for some people, thinking of the right present is a hard task, especially if the person involved is a cut above the rest. This best gifts for biotech students list will surely help you decide what to get for your loved one on their special day.

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