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Best DNA Kits for Health And Fitness


Recent substantial advances in DNA sequencing science and technology have made DNA health testing and affordable and exciting activity that consumers can do at home. This has created the market for DNA kits for health and fitness to grow out and become a useful tool for people’s personal health goals and discoveries. 

While you may be familiar with the traditional DNA kits such as Ancestry or 23andMe that test your DNA and tell you your heritage, the DNA kits we’re focusing on today focus more on what your genes can tell you about achieving your optimal health and well being.

If you’re interested in finding out more about what your genes can tell you about your more profound health, fitness, diet, skin, and even supplements needs, check out what each of the following DNA kits for health can tell you about achieving your best body performance possible.


23andMe is a well-known DNA testing company that has been perfecting its gene testing kits for several years now. Although they are one of the more expensive DNA testing kits, their price is well worth it considering the amount of research and development they have poured into making their gene health testing kit one of the most accurate and comprehensive on the market.

The main benefit that most people use 23andMe for is their comprehensive ancestry reporting. 23andMe has arguably the most accurate ancestry data available due to their extensive gene database and teams of scientists working on tweaking their program accuracy continually. If you’re interested in a health kit that offers ancestry testing as well, this is a massive plus in my book.

However, focusing on 23andMe’s health side is what we’re mainly interested in here. Just like 23andMe’s ancestry testing program, their optional health testing program is comprehensive and insightful as well. They offer testing for health predispositions such as diabetes, celiac disease, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and more that is far more accurate than any other DNA health testing kit I’ve found elsewhere.

One exceptionally cool feature I found was their ability to test your genes for any carrier genes that could potentially affect the health of your offspring. These are included in one of the many comprehensive reports they provide you that informs you of your carrier status of genes that can potentially pass on diseases such as cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anemia, hearing loss and more.

Along with testing your genetic predisposition to disease, they also offer wellness insights that measure your lactose intolerance, genetic weight tendency, optimal sleep habits, optimal nutritional guidelines and the optimal fitness routine for you.

Considering all we’ve looked, over, 23andMe seems like the perfect gene health testing kit for somebody who is wanting both ancestry and health insights that are among the best and most accurate in the industry. While they aren’t nearly as focused on increasing athletic performance, diving deep into your optimal diet plan, or focused on providing you with a supplement regimen to use, 23andMe does work perfect for people who want to find out more information about themselves and get information about how to improve their overall wellbeing.


Taking a Vitagene test is a rather quick affair compared to some other DNA kits for health which take longer to report back your results. The kit is quickly shipped to your home after placing an order, after which you need to send back your saliva swab and wait about one month for your results to be returned.

Vitagene’s main draw is that it’s a comprehensive fitness test combined with an ancestry test similar to 23andMe.

While Vitagene’s ancestry test is similar to 23andMe’s, their health tests differ in that they don’t focus on testing genetic diseases, but instead focus on testing for your optimal diet and fitness programs. Included in their gene report is a genetic-based recommendation of your ideal diet and fitness routine. For those who are confused or stuck as to what steps they should take to improve their nutrition and fitness, Vitagene’s report is a great way to nail down precisely what you can do to improve your fitness and overall health.

Vitagene also offers testing to determine your optimal skin care and supplement regimen including an optional subscription to have your ideal supplements delivered straight to your door.

If you want a comprehensive diet and fitness gene test kit that also offers ancestry information for one affordable price, Vitagene is an excellent DNA testing kit company that you should consider.


Whether you’re a workout junkie, athlete, or someone who is just looking to get more fit, DNAFit is a spectacular fitness and nutrition DNA health kit that can benefit you.

Once you receive your DNAFit gene kit, you need to do a saliva swab, send it to their lab and wait roughly ten days for your results to process. It should be noted that ten days is a much faster turnaround time than almost every other DNA health kit on the market. If you’re an impatient person, this is likely your best bet for fast DNA testing.

Once you receive your report back, you’ll find a variety of helpful information such as your optimal dietary needs, any food sensitivities or intolerances you may have, an optimal workout routine, sleep and stress profiles, and a report detailing how well you can recover from exercise and injuries.

If you’re looking to biohack your diet, fitness, and lifestyle, then this is the report that you need. With the excellent health, fitness and dietary information and guidelines they provide, you can optimize your performance and improve your overall health.


Fitnessgenes focuses solely on using your DNA to determine the best fitness and nutrition routines for your body. If you want a DNA testing kit that will help you improve your physical fitness, athletic performance, and give you more energy you should consider Fitnessgenes.

Depending on your fitness goals, Fitnessgenes genes offers several types of gene health kits. You can choose from their packages that are optimized for losing weight, building muscle, getting lean or simply improving your overall fitness and athletic performance.

Once you receive your kit, you do a saliva swab and send your sample back to their laboratory. After a short 2-3 weeks, Fitnessgenes will send you the results of your gene test kit.

Included in these results will be an optimized 1-week workout plan, ideal nutrition guidelines and recipes that fit those guidelines, along with a comprehensive report on your results from testing 42 specific genes. The report outlines what your genes say about your traits such as your potential physical speed, power, recovery, and metabolism as well as nutritional characteristics such as caffeine tolerance, lactose tolerance, predisposition to overeating, fat storage tendencies and much more.

What Fitnessgenes lacks in ancestry information they make up for with a plethora of in-depth health and fitness information that is insightful and helpful for significantly improving your overall health and fitness.


EasyDNA is a perfect test for someone who wants absolute scrutiny over every detail over what information their genes hold.

Along with their comprehensive reporting, I would say they’re one of the most accessible gene health testing kits to use. The order process is streamlined, shipping is quick, and taking your sample is a breeze. However, when it comes to actually testing your genes and getting back your results, it can take between four to six weeks to get back your report.

However, once you receive your report, there is nothing left to be desired, EasyDNA’s reports are among the most comprehensive health reports in the industry. They test over 100 different  If you want to know absolutely everything your genes can tell you about your health, this is the service for you. Their reports are quite lengthy, yet are easy to understand and constructed in a manner that makes for easy reading.

If you use their Nutrifit health and fitness DNA test, you’ll receive several reports.

Firstly, you’ll receive a complete nutritional breakdown covering everything you could want to know about your nutritional profile. In the report, you’ll find your macronutrient requires, your metabolism profile for coffee, caffeine and alcohol, and lifestyle and dietary recommendations that you can use to improve your health.

Also included is a more health-centric report that reads like a comprehensive physical profile of you with information such as your predispositions to ailments such as high cholesterol, obesity, high blood sugar, weak bones, diseases, carrier genes and more.

EasyDNA offers one of the most comprehensive gene health testing kits on the market. If you’re seeking a report that leaves no stone unturned, EasyDNA is an excellent service you should consider.


Whether you’re merely trying to find out more information about your general health and ancestry or biohack your body based on your DNA, there is a DNA health kit out there for everybody.

If you want a comprehensive ancestry report that includes wellness and wellbeing information, a test such as 23andMe or Vitagene should be your go-to choice.

If you want an in-depth and insightful report on every bit of health information hidden within your genes, EasyDNA’s lengthy yet easy to understand health reports are what you’re after.

For athletes, fitness junkies or just those looking to get fit, DNA health kits focused more on fitness and nutrition such as DNAfit and Fitnessgenes are great for providing you with optimal workout routines and optimized nutritional guidelines based on your genes.

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