anti aging medicine

Anti Aging Medicine | Scientist On Longevity Clarifies

anti aging medicine

The search for the fountain of youth is never-ending. In an interview with CNN Money’s Martina Fuchs, David Sinclair, a leading scientist on longevity from the Department of Genetics at Harvard School clarified the question on anti aging medicine.

Proof-Of-Concept Of The Anti-Aging Medicine

According to Sinclair, about 30% of his colleagues at work use anti-aging molecules, with the belief that this will help them live ten years more. Further, Sinclair stated that he would soon turn 50, and yet he did not look his age, and blood and genetic tests carried out on him revealed that he had the biological age of 31 years, even though he didn’t exercise much and was a workaholic. Sinclair added that the molecules worked on his mother, who despite having suffered from lung cancer, she continued to live for 20 years. Also, his 79-year old father engaged in whitewater rafting and mountaineering.

A Booming Sector

The scientist went on to mention the increasing interest in aging research in recent decades. He stated that there are many labs around the world researching this topic, along with the treatment of genetic diseases. “You cannot open the world’s leading scientific journals without seeing articles on age research breakthroughs…All the leading academic centers, namely, Harvard, Oxford, Stanford—are working on it.” He went on to add that scientists come up with a new theory of aging every few decades, and the common factor he has found out in all these theories is that there are multiple causes of aging, some major, some minor.

It is clear that Sinclair is convinced that aging should be treated as a disease. Nonetheless, this proposition is so radical that no government has endorsed this definition. Until he comes up with actual proof that a human being can live forever, we can only wait and hope that his arguments are facts and that governments will support his research.

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