My name is Eric and I’m interested in the future. I think that’s something I share in common with many people.

Eric The Gene News
That’s me with some “old” tech on!

I’ve spent my life working in technology and thinking about what the next inventions would be that would change the world.

For me, gene editing and CRISPR technology is one of those things. As Bill Gates said, it would be crazy to ignore the potential of this technology. Simply, it has too ability to change everything to be ignored. 

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bill gates crispr gene editing technology
This guys thinks gene editing is important!

Of course, not all changes may be good. And I’ll be using part of this site to dedicate to the ethical question that CRISPR gene editing brings. But I believe its introduction into science, medicine, and technology is inevitable. So we must be as educated as possible on what it is, what it means, and what it can do.

My Mission

My mission is to help educate readers of this site on the life-changing potential of gene editing technology.

I’ll do this through news coverage, guides, kit reviews, investment ideas, and more. The site can and should evolve as the technology does too.  

My mission is also for this site to sustain itself and its ability to add new content and cover gene editing news. So, there may be advertisements, affiliate links, and other methods of earning money. This is done in order to keep this site online.

A Note On Site Content

I would love to be able to write about gene editing all day, but I have my hands full sometimes with other projects. As such, content on this site may be written by writers for hire, freelancers, or scientists that I want to share. 

I will look over all published content and edit to ensure its fair use and unique, but I believe in this disclosure.

As well, I may choose to publish content elsewhere in order to help gain exposure for this site and the technology at large.